Facts about Shimla

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  • Before the British, Shimla region was ruled by the Nepalese
  • Shimla is Located on 7 Hills
  • Shimla is one of the youngest cities in the Country
  • Shimla hosts the MTB Himalaya, the Biggest Mountain Biking Race in South East Asia.
  • The Kalka-Shimla Railway is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Shimla has the only Natural Ice Skating Rink in South Asia
  • The Durand Football Tournament was held at Annandale Ground in 1888.
  • Lord Combermere was the First Commander-In–Chief of the Indian Army to visit Shimla in 1828.
  • The Founder of Indian National Congress lived at ‘Rothney Castle’ in Shimla
  • The Town Hall of Shimla was built In 1888. It is an Earthquake-proof building.
  • Gandhi first came to Shimla on 11th May 1921.
  • The Jakhoo Temple Shrine, believers say, holds the footprints of Lord Hanuman.
  • Shimla had its first newspaper – Simla Akhbaar in 1848.
  • The first shop opened in Shimla was a butchery run by Messer Barret & Co.
  • Auckland House School is the only Girl School in India to introduce Scuba Diving.
  • BCS Shimla is one of the Oldest Boarding Schools in Asia.
  • The First Road of Shimla was constructed in 1828.
  • The Gurkha Gate was actually built to honor the Gurkha’s for their support to the British.
  • Shimla Falls in Seismic Zone IV.
  • The northern slope of Ridge is sinking.
  • The Shimla Convention is a Century old. Tibetans are still in Exile.
  • From the North Side of Ridge the rainwater drains into Sutlej River and is carried into the Arabian Sea, South-side drains into the Yamuna and flows to the Bay of Bengal.

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