World War II – Story in a nutshell

The story of the World War II finds its roots in the world order came into being after the results of World War I. Let’s have a look on the well accepted story  –

Adolf Hitler became the leader of the German fascists in 1933 and formed the Nazi party.

In 1938 Adolf Hitler brought Czechoslovakia and Austria under German control, he then attacked Poland. At this stage both France and Britain declared war upon Germany and thus began the Second World War.

The Germans were well equipped an, in 1940, they swept through France, forcing the French and British armies to retreat up to the beaches of Dunkirk, on the English Channel.

The Battle of Britain was fought between the British and German Air forces in 1940. During this period the Germans bombed British cities and killed a large number of civilians. In 1941 Hitler turn toward the east and invaded, the former Soviet Union. Tough resistance was put up by the Russians and millions died in bitter cold.

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The Japanese entered world war and attacked Pearl Harbor an American military base on 7th December, 1941. As a result of this the American entered the war as allies of the British. Japan continued its conquest in the east and it conquered many islands in the Pacific and began to advance into Asia.

It was not till June 1942 that American fleet of ships delivered a crushing defeat to the Japanese fleet in the Battle of Midway. This proved to be a turning point in the history of Second World War.

In November 1942 allied troops landed in Africa and defeated Germans in Battle of El Alamein. On the Eastern front the German armies surrendered in Stalingrad followed by the surrender of Germans in North Africa and in 1943 by the Italians.

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In 1944 the allies mounted a major invasion from the beaches of Normandy and delivered a final blow to the German and thus forcing them to surrender and end the war in Europe.

The war with the Japanese lasted till the allies dropped the atom bombs on Japan in 1945. In September 1945 Japan too surrendered thus ending World War II.

At the End of the war the death toll was estimated in excess of 40 million dead and many more crippled for life.

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  1. Also defeat of Japnese army in eastern India and massive losses in the same battle deprived Imperial Japanese Army’s power. Battle of midway dashed Japanese Navy which eventually led to retreat of Japan from South east asia and oceania. Gen.McArthur’s decisive thrusts shouldn’t be neglected.

  2. I’m sorry to say that this is what we were taught in the books however this is not correct, after all who writes the history of course the victorians of the war.
    It started with German attacked Poland do we know why it invaded Poland ?
    Even the holocaust information is not true.
    I have done a lot of research on this topic and I think the otherwise.
    Root cause of the war were the Jews who actually are responsible for all the major global conflicts.
    However it is a very long topic to discuss you can contact me on and I can share the information which will give light on the other side of the story…


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