Financial Abbreviations – It’s All about Bank exams

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▶▶▶Financial Abbreviations – It’s All about Bank exams◀◀◀

▶▶▶Financial Abbreviations – It’s All about Bank exams◀◀◀

▶ USP:-Unique Selling Proposition.
▶ HNI:-High Networth Individual.
▶ EOQ:-Economic Order quality.
▶ FDR:-Fixed Deposit Receipts.
▶ CNP:-Cardholder Not Present.
▶ PIN:-Personal Identification Number.
▶ SEO:-Search Engine Optimization.
▶ SME:-Small and Medium Enterprises.
▶ CRM:-Customer Relationship Management.
▶ BPO:-Business Process Outsourcing.
▶ VAT:-Value Added Tax.
▶ MR:-Marginal Revenue.
▶ PAN:-Permanent Account Number.
▶ BEP:-Break Even Point.
▶ NPA:-Non Performing Assets.
▶ ATM:-Automated Teller Machine.
▶ ROA:-Return on Assets.
▶ M & A:-Mergers & Acquisition.
▶ SEBI:-Securities Exchange Board of India.
▶ GDP:-Gross Domestic Product.
▶ IPO:-Initial Public Offering.
▶ DSA:-Direct Selling Agent.
▶ ESOP:-Employees Stock Option Plan.
▶ IMPS:-Inter-Bank Mobile Payment Service.
▶ JIT:-Just In Time.
▶ ZBB:-Zero-Based Budgeting.
▶ MIS:-Management Information System.
▶ EDI:-Electronic Data Interchange.
▶ IDRA:-Industries Development and Regulation Act.


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