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  • How to Prepare General Studies for Preliminary Exam?

    general studies preparation

    Most of the aspirants think that Preliminary examination is a tough nut to crack and they feel that it is the traditional General Studies paper which makes their attempts miserable. This perception can’t be 100% right. The truth is that General Studies is easy to score when it is prepared smartly. So work smart instead […]

  • How to Crack IAS Exam? 10 Tips for IAS Preparation

    how to crack ias exam? 10 tips for ias preparation

    Candidates often find difficult how to crack IAS Exam not due to lack of hard-work or potential, but due to lack of right start up. Civil Service exam tries to select candidates who are creative and innovative and aware of day to day life. Civil Service exam never wants one to be ideal. For cracking these exam take […]

  • Books for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam Preparation

    book for upsc civil services

    Many friends preparing for UPSC Civil Services exams generally ask one common question “which books are good for a fresher to start the preparation ?”. The list of books for IAS Preparation is endless, some topics are good in one book other is in another. You need to read anything you think it’s worth reading. Here […]

  • 7 Essential Steps to Prepare for IAS Exam – Topper’s suggestion

    Prepare for IAS

    These 7 must do things while you prepare for IAS Exam, it will increase your chances of success, as it has already been tested by IAS Exam topper Rachit Raj himself. He is sharing the 7 points with all aspirants who prepare for IAS exam. 1. Just make a habit of noting down the materials […]

  • NCERT books for IAS Exam Preparation – PDF Free Download

    ncert books for ias exam

    It is very important to read and revise NCERT books for IAS exam preparation. I got many queries regarding which NCERT books should be read? Old or new ncert? economics of 12th or 11th? etc. Here I am compiling a list of recommended NCERT Books for IAS exam preparation. I have listed names of book subject […]