Memorable events of Indian History

Memorable events of Indian History Before Common Era -Importance
2700-Indus valley civilization is said to have flourished about this time.
599-Birth of Mahavir,the founder of Jainism.
566-Birth of Gautam Buddha,the founder of Buddhism.
527-Death of Mahavir.
486-Death of Gautam Buddha.
327-326-Invasion of India by Alexander. Battle of Hydaspes.
322-Foundation of Mauryan dynasty by Chandragupta Maurya.
259-Kalinga Was and conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka.
230-Death of Ashoka.

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Memorable events of Indian History A.D.-Importance
320-Beginning of Gupta Era. Foundation of Gupta dynasty.
375-Hun’s invasion of India.
606-Accession of Harshavardhana.
647-Death of Harshavardhana.
712-Invasion of Sindh by Arabs led by Mohammed Bin Qasim.
1001-Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Indian and defeated Jaipal,the ruler of Punjab.
1026-Sack of Somnath by Mahmud of Ghazni
1191-First Battle of Tarain in which Mohammed Ghori was defeated by Prithviraj.
1192-Second battle of Tarain,Prithviraj Chauhan defeated by Mohammed Gori.
1209-Foundation of first Muslim dynasty in India.
1221-Jenghiz Khan invaded India.
1327-Shifting of capital from Delhi to Baulatabad in Deccan by Tughlaq.
1398-Invasion of India by Timur.
1469-Birth of Guru Nanak.
1497-98-First voyage of Vasco-da-Gama.
1526-First battle of Panipat. Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi.Foundation of Mughal Dynasty by Babur.
1527-Battle of Khanva. Babur defeated Rana Sanga.
1530-Death of Babur and accession of Humayun.
1539-Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun and became Emperor of India.
1555-Humayun re-captured the throne of Delhi.
1556-Death of Humayun. The accession of Akbar. The second battle of Panipat.Bairam Khan Defeated Hemu.
1565-Battle of Talikota. Conquest of Mewar by Akbar.
1576-Ballte of Haldighati. Rana Pratap defeated by Mughal forces.
1582-Din-e-ilahi founded by Akbar.
1605-Death of Akbar and accession of Jahangir.
1615-Submission of Mewar of Mughals. The arrival of Sir Thomas Roe in India.
1627-Death of Jahangir. Birth of Shivaji.
1628-Shahjahan proclaimed emperor.
1659-Accession of Aurangzeb. Shahjahan imprisoned.
1665-Shivaji imprisoned by Aurangzeb.
1666-Death of Shahjahan. Shivaji Escaped from the prison.
1680-Death of Shivaji.
1707-Death of Aurangzeb. The accession of Bahadur Shah.
1708-Death of Guru Govind Singh.
1739-Nadir Shah seized Delhi.
1747-Invasion of Ahmad Shah Abdali.
1757-Sack of Delhi by Ahmad Shah Abdali.Battle of Plassey.Mir Jafar made Nawab of Bengal.
1761-Third battle of Panipat. Marathas defeated by Ahmad Shah Abdali.Shah Alam II Became Emperor.
1764-Battle of Buxar.English forces defeated Shah Alam’s Forces.
1765-Clive appointed Company’s governor in India.
1767-69-First Mysore war.
1772-Warren Hasting appointed Governor.
1774-Rohilla War.Warren Hasting became first governor General.
1775-82-The First Anglo-Maratha War.
1780-84-Second Mysore War.
1782-Begums of Awadh humiliated. The death of Haider Ali.
1790-92-Third Mysore War.
1793-The Permanent Settlement of Bengal.
1799-Fourth Mysore War. The death of Tipu.
1824-26-The First Burmese War.
1829-The practice of Sati prohibited.
1839-Death of Ranjit Singh.
1839-42-The first Afghan War.
1845-the first Anglo-Sikh War.
1852-The Second Anglo-Burmese War.
1852-First Railway opened from Bombay to Thana.Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agra.
1856-Annexation of Awadh.
1857-The Sepoy Mutiny or First War of Indian Independence.
1858-British India Place under the Crown.Queen Victoria’s proclamation.
1885-Foundation of Indian National Congress.Third Anglo-Burmese War.
1904-Tibet Expedition.
1905-Partition of Bengal.
1906-Foundation of Muslim League.
1909-The Morley-Minto reforms.
1911-Delhi Durbar. King and Queen visited India. Partition of Bengal Annulled.
1912-Transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi.
1916-Lucknow pact signed by Muslim League and Congress.
1917-Moutagu’s declaration in the house of Commons.His visit to India.
1919-The Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms introduced. Jallianwala bagh massacre.
1920-Khilafat and Non-co-operation movement.
1927-Boycott of Simon Commission.
1929-Lord Irwin’s announcement of 31st October. Lahore Congress Declaration of complete Independence.
1930-Civil Disobedience Movement. First round table conference.
1931-Irwin-Gandhi Pact. Second Round Table Conference.
1932-Third Round Table Conference. The communal award.The Poona Pact.
1935-Goverment of India Act Passed.
1937-Inaugration of Provincial Autonomy. Popular ministries formed.
1939-Outbreak of Second World War(3rd Sep.).The Resignation of Congress Ministries.
1942-Cipps Mission.Quit India Movement launched in August.
1945-Trial of I.N.A men.
1946-Mutiny in Royal Indian Navy(15th Feb.)Appointment of cabinet mission(19th Feb.).Selma conference.Interim Government formed.Muslim Leagues Direct Action. Constituent Assembly Formed.
1947-Indian Independence Act passed. Partition of India.Independence of India(15th Aug.)Pakistan Formed.
1948-Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi (3oth Jan.) C. Raja-Gopalachari appointed Governer-General. The death of M.A.Jinnah(11th Sep.). Police action against Hyderabad.
1949-New Constitution of India adopted(26th Nov.)
1950-Enforcement of the new constitution.(26th Jan.)

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