Some Important Abbreviations

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Some Important Abbreviations:

AADHAAR card denotes – Unique Identity Number

PSL – Priority sector lending

NBFC – Non Banking Financial Company

WPI – Wholesale price IndexCPI – Consumer Price Index

LAF – Liquidity adjustment facility

NDTL – Net Deman d and Time Liabilities

UCB – Urban Cooperative Bank

ECS – Electronic clearing service

FSLRC – Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission

UCIC – Unique Customer Identification Code

AML – Anti Money Laundering

CFT – Combatting of financial terrorism

SME – Small and Mediu m Enterprises

CDR – Corporate Debt Restructuring

CDS –Credit Default Swaps

IRS – Interest Rate Swaps

FII – Foreign Institutional Investors

RRB – Regional Rural Bank

PDC – Post Dated Cheques

MSE – Micro an d Small Enterpr ises

DCCO – Date of commencement of commercial operations

CRAR – Capital to Risk weighted assets ratio

IBL – Inter bank liability

GDS – Gold deposit scheme

CAD – Current account deficit

MFIN – Micro Finance Institutions Network

IRDA – Insurance Regulatory

Development Authority CRMPG –Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group

HTM – Held to maturity

SLR – Statutor y Liquidity Ratio

BC – Business correspondents

BF – Business facilitators DSA – Direct selling agents

DMA – Direct mar keting agents

DRA – Debt Recovery agents

ELA – Emergency Liquidity assistance

BOP – Balance of payments

APBS – AADHAAR payment bridge system

FDI – Foreign direct investment

MSF – Marginal standing facility

FFA – Forward freight agreements

BIS – Bank for international settlements

BR act – Banking Regulation act

MCX – Mu lti commodity exchange

PSB – Public sector banks