Reactions You Would Relate During an Exam

Reactions You Would Relate During an Exam

EXAMS! The second most terrifying word in a student’s life. The first being RESULTS. Exam time is one of the best times for everything else other than studying. That is the time when even staring at a plain wall seems to be more interesting than watching movies. While the phase of preparing for exams has its own story, that 3 hours in an exam hall is a result of how you utilized your study holidays. In an exam hall you would find the best reactions of students for various situations. Here! A few of the best ones.
  • When you find out that your roll no is on the first bench. Ughh… Damn it!

Obviously, it doesn’t matter to the NERD of the class. But for the majority of the students and the unfortunate people
whose name starts with ‘A’, well, you’re ……!

  • Before getting the question paper. There are times your heart skips a beat.

The only time most of us remember God and strike deals with him/her. And the usual “Bhagwan mujhe bas pass kardo and maa kasam I will break 10 coconuts in the temple”.

  • When you see the question paper and you want to kill the one who set the paper. Burn!

When the paper seems Latin and Greek to you and you double check if you have got the right question paper, your thought immediately goes to the one who set the paper.

  • When you see the question paper and you know all the answers. That’s me, the smart one!

And the feeling you get when you know most of the answers to the questions. You will feel like you have conquered the world!

  • And when you don’t know any of them…

You always have the next semester to clear’ and ‘Marks are just numbers, they don’t matter at all’ wali feeling creeps in.

  • That moment when you start calculating to see if you will pass.

You wouldn’t calculate numbers even in a Maths exam, the way you will do to check if you will pass.

  • When the invigilator comes and sits right next you.

OMG! The same feeling of hanging from a cliff and offering your final prayers before dying. And when the invigilator leaves, you will let out a long sigh just to blow your papers away.

  • When your friend is trying to copy from your paper.

No way! I’m not going to let him score more marks than me. That is JUST NOT POSSIBLE!

  • When your friend asks for an additional supplement.

You would be like… Asshole! We both studied together and I haven’t even completed 2 pages. ‘I don’t trust you anymore!’

  • When the checking squad walks in and you have a chit/mobile in your pocket.

They will come in like the CBI and give you a minor attack when you have chits or your mobile phone in your pocket. But you would pretend like you know nothing.

  • And when you don’t have any chits…Like A Boss

And this is the best feeling ever! Seeing your friends get busted. You would get so much internal pleasure but put up that sorry face for your friend.

  • Last 5 minutes of the exam… You’re like…
If this were athletics, you would probably beat Usain Bolt. But you will go through the feeling of
scoring more marks in the last 5minutes than the rest.
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