Governor Generals and Viceroys of India

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Lord Hastings (1813-23)

While the British Rule Lord Hasstings was the Governor General. Three major events that took place during Lord Hasstings time was:

Nepalese War: He defeated the Gurkhan of Nepal in the hostilities started in 1814 which ended in 1816 in the Treaty of SagauU. Simla, Mussoorie, Naini Tal and Tarai districts came in the hands of the British.

Pindaries : These were plundering bands composed of the demobilised soldiers of Indian states creating havoc by looting in Central India. They were protected by Marathas. The operations designed to liquidate this gang were challenged by Maratha chiefs. This caused the Third Maratha War in 1817 and it resulted in the complete rout of Maratha Power.


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